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cohesionVerde Green Living Manifesto
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Written by admin   
Tuesday, 02 November 2010 21:48

cohesionVerde Green Living Manifesto


cohesionVerde.info was created as a tool to compile and disseminate tips and information designed to assist both business and individuals in becoming more environmentally friendly and responsible for their community.


cohesionVerde defines the act of being or going “Green” as adopting the principles of sustainability, accountability, community and growth in all areas of life, from personal to business.


cohesionVerde believes “Green” is a way of life, not a “whim” to be periodically taken up and dropped according to convenience, but behaviors to be implemented in all areas of life.


cohesionVerde believes in sharing ideologies, best practices and directions to thought leaders that will assist all on their green journey.


cohesionVerde understands that in matters of Business, the true ‘Profit’ can not be determined until the ‘Process’ is reviewed, understood and in agreement to core principles listed herein.



For the intents of this manifesto:

Sustainability is defined as improving the quality of life and enhancing the communities in which we live. A Sustainable Business creates goods and services that are socially and creatively rewarding for all working people, is nonpolluting, a conserver of energy and natural resources.

Sustainable Businesses are safe and healthful for workers, communities, and consumers. Accountability is defined as the act of being accountable, liable, and answerable.

Community is your social, religious, occupational, and any other group sharing common characteristics and/or interest.

Growth is defined as development by a natural process


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